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Twisties at 236 Bayview Drive in Strathmere has been overhanging the back bay since 1929. If you remember your US History, you may recall those Dark Ages called Prohibition — alcohol wasn’t even legal when they opened. Apparently, Harold Charleston didn’t really care and operated it as a speakeasy called “Dirty Gerties” until the 21st amendment passed in 1933. The sign out front says circa 1933 — gingerly sidestepping the issue.

Cape May Brewery - Local Interest: Spotlight on… Twisties!

10 Hottest Restaurants on the Jersey Shore from Zagat

A tiny strip of barrier island situated between Ocean City and Sea Isle, Strathmere is often overlooked by shore tourists, and the couple hundred locals who live there like it like that. Find your way there for a night of steamers, chowder and crab cakes at this historic bayside pub - once one of Al Capone’s hangouts - where you can wiggle your flip-flop-clad toes freely as you toss back the cheap brew and gaze out over the sunset.

Zagat - 10 Hottest Restaurants on the Jersey Shore from Zagat

If You're All About the Food & Drink...

You have to go to Twisties Tavern. It's the kind of joint where you drop in for one drink and then wake up 20 years later having become an every-night regular, with a table all your own and a couple shifts a week behind the bar. There are powerful cocktails, fish on the walls, patio seating that looks out over the bay, and a menu that's more comprehensive than you might think.

Philadelphia Magazine, Shore Guide 2014, June edition


The Steamers at Twisties Tavern on the Bay. Grab a beer while you sit outside and enjoy the fresh seafood at this tough-to-find bayside retreat in Strathmere.


Jay Wright South Jersey Mag - Summer 2012


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Nothing fancy here – if you can find this bayside bar, which has been in Strathmere since prohibition. You can come on foot or by boat. No pretensions, please. The bar stools face the bar, of course, through which you can see the lazy back bays, which are perfect for sunset.

SJ MAGAZINE - Best of the Shore 2011

Shore bar's lore goes back to '30s - August 30, 2010

Courier Post newspaper article and photo gallery

ABC6 - FYI Philly hits the Jersey Shore - June 26, 2010

Short video featuring Twisties - click on the 2nd video clip (Restaurants Down The Shore) and advance to minute 2:13

Philadelphia Magazine - Best of the Shore 2010: Vintage Bar

"An old-school Shore pub in Strathmere known for its clam chowder, cheap beers and laid-back vibe."

Philadelphia Magazine-Best of the Shore 2009: Hangouts and Nightlife


"This place is so steeped in tradition that it hasn't changed since prohibition ended in 1933. Sitting on pilings feet above the shoreline, the tavern has a furtive vibe that is both relaxing and exciting. Get away from the fray, kick up your feet, and raise your glass to Al Capone."

South Jersey Magazine-Best of the Shore 2008: The Homey Pub


"Imagine a water-front tavern at the Jersey shore serving beer and drinks to local fishermen, watermen and the occasional lost tourist. Then imagine the sea takes over the tavern encasing it in salt water, sand and sea grass. But instead of destroying the old tavern it is preserved by the sea in the exact same condition as it existed in the 1930's and 40's." Thus begins John H. West III's fascinating and informative article about Twisties, complete with terrific photos, in the American Public House Review. Check it out at:


"Please get a burger at sunset at Twistie’s in Strathmere. The view and the grub are spectacular. It’s a one of a kind joint."

Big Daddy Graham, The Sea Isle Times, Sept-Oct. 2007

"As it was getting later in the day, and people were coming off the beach, this quiet little spot started crowding up. Parents, kids, grandparents all started packing in. It’s a restaurant too, and their food is worth the ride alone… “ For years Twisties has been our “end of the beach day” ritual, said Debbie Apalucci. Wash the sand off our feet, put on a clean tee-shirt and we jump on our bikes to the bar on the bay where the beer is cold, the pizza is hot, the crowd is relaxed and the sundown’s are gorgeous.” For years the bar hosted only a local crowd of Strathmerians but now the good news has traveled and the secret is out…Like Debbie said, I’m happy the secret is out about Twisties. No one should keep a secret like this to themselves."

"Strathmere’s Best Kept Secret, The Sea Isle Times," July-Aug. 2007

"A convivial open-air bar that overlooks the bay and, after 75 years, remains flip-flop-friendly. Get a Twister (pineapple and cranberry juices and coconut rum) to go with your burger."

"Best of the Shore/Strathmere," "Best On-The-Water Bar," Philadelphia Magazine, June 2005

There are a myriad of places to suit your mood, budget and style. Here's a look at some of the better deals:...A stop at Twisties Tavern in Strathmere...is like walking back in time, with a hardwood bar that looks like it's right out of the '40s. You may have to ask a local where it is, as the hideaway was once advertised by a billboard that asked "Can you find us?"

"After the Sun Goes Down," Weekend Edition, The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 20, 2005

"So where are some of the better places at the Jersey shore? Here's a sampling of what's on my hot list... For the real feel of a local spot go to Strathmere and find Twisties... if you can. By the way, that's their motto. At Twisties you can have a burger, a meatball sub, a beer or mixed drink right on the water... Times have changed, but Twisties hasn't."

"Living Local, Living Large," New Jersey LifeStyle Magazine, Shore/Coastal Edition, 2004

"[Twisties] is one of our hidden gems at the Jersey shore...a charming old structure, sitting on pilings literally feet above the tideline... a place poised to be a player this summer. (Just don't let on to the regulars that I was the one who told you so.)"

Ed Hitzel's Restaurant Magazine: South Jersey's Guide to Dining, Summer 2003

"Twisties Tavern on the Bay, the island's unofficial history museum, serves up drinks, food, and incredible stories of rumrunners, Al Capone, and the 45 coconuts carved into human heads that have hung behind the bar for the past half-century. New owners Gary and Denise Riordan keep the beer cold, the clam chowder hot, and the history alive."

New Jersey Monthly Magazine, June 2003

"Twisties Bayfront Tavern...should not be missed. They haven't changed Twistie's since Prohibition ended. The paneled walls are decorated with a collection of close to 40 coconut heads hand-carved into pirates, parrots, and prelates; stuffed fish so old they've turned black; dried starfish; and an ancient clock stuck at ten minutes to six."

New Jersey Monthly Magazine, February 2002

"Kind of a secret party place that still sports relics from its owners back in the '40s, Twisties Tavern is legendary - and legendarily hard to find. The vibe is old Jersey Shore, with panoramic bay views, casual menu fare and decades-old coconut carved heads still hanging behind the bar - just like they were when Grandma partied here. Twisties is open six nights a week (closed on Tuesdays), and the owners still dare prospective patrons to "find us if you can."

Metro, the world's largest global newspaper, August 25-27, 2006.

“We love Strathmere and Twisties! We make the 13 hour trek to Strathmere at least once a year – it is our favorite place in the world…”
Kevin from Indiana

“My family has been coming to Twistie’s for the past five or six years. You may remember me and my friends from an infamous visit…better known as the “Ring of Fire” crowd. After playing that Johnny Cash song over 80 times that afternoon in October how could you forget us? Through dart games, pitchers of beer, and a Penn State game…in a packed house that rainy Saturday, we had a blast. Talk about a song and a bar embedded in our memories forever… Our vacation is not complete until we have had at least one visit to our favorite sea shore tavern – Twistie’s."

Bill S. from Delaware County, PA

"I had the pleasure of visiting your business on Wednesday, August 30, 2006. I was with a party of 12 with 2 high chairs. We were seated immediately. The service was exceptional and the food was great. The Coors Light pitchers could not have been colder. The crab fries and roast beef sandwich were out of this world... I look forward to many more meals at your tavern. The staff was friendly, the dinning room was spotless and the food and service were great. I only wish the weather was as good as our dinning experience. Thank you, and thank your staff. A job well done."

Chris, Philadelphia

"We stopped in this past Monday to get out of the rain (a feeble excuse for a beer). As usual the crowd was great, the beer was cold, the bartender (Don) friendly and fast. Twisties is an oasis for the "somewhat older" crowd. We were introduced to Twisties several years ago by friends and it is my preferred place to visit at the shore... Twisties has the feel of an Irish pub: friendly, comfortable, and hard to leave. Keep up the great work and thanks again for providing some of my best relaxation time at the Shore."

Kevin B., Philadelphia

"Please do not change anything about your establishment. It is my favorite place… I try to go there whenever I can. Thanks for running a relaxed reasonably priced establishment and thanks for providing a little piece of sanity."

David H., Upper Township, NJ

"Thank you very much for your hospitality Saturday. We all had a great time and it is a great place… to get together, relax, and just have a wonderful time. Thanks again for everything. My husband bought me a t-shirt. Gotta have one of them."

Pam M., Chicago

"Thanks so much for making my 75th a great party. Everything was just what we wanted. You and your associates were spectacular and I am not overstating. Hope to see you again soon. All the best!"

Gene M., August, 2005.

"We just bought a home in Ocean City this year. By accident, I ran into a man and woman with their grand children having lunch. They noticed our Mt Saint Mary™s shirts and we started a conversation. They could not have been nicer. When asked if I enjoy a cold beer, the gentleman told us of a place called Twisties. He gave us general directions and we found our way there on a cloudless beautiful evening. We thought we would have 1 and hit the road. We could not bring ourselves to leave. The view rivals any in the world. The food & drinks werere great..people were fun..what more do you need?"

Jim C., August, 2005

"I have been a dweller of Strathmere since I was born and I must thank you again for keeping Twisties open all summer long now. I try to get to your restaraunt every weekend and bring with me my family and friends. All have had nothing but great things to say about your establishment. The food, service and atmosphere are unmatched!"

Chris S.

"I have to tell you guys that I think you have the best spot on the South Jersey shore. Great setting, beautiful sunsets, and no pretension. Don't change a thing!"

Gavin K., Philadelphia

"Just wanted to say that I had the crab cakes the other night and they were excellent - the best I have had all year! And I eat a lot of crab cakes: the mashed potatoes were great too."

John R., Strathmere